Finding Main Street


Three guys on a great adventure to discover America, its people and  many cultures. Finding Mainstreet is not just a road trip. It’s an adventure on motorcycles through America. Dylan, Wyatt and Brant, three young guys from California, are planning a journey across their home country. The plan is to meet other people from their own generation and learning more about personal views on life, culture, living in America and more. The organizers of the trip describe the journey as a multimedia experiment in continental exploration, divided in three disciplines. There’s film, photo and online media. A documentary, a photo book and a blog will give readers and viewers the possibility to follow Dylan, Wyatt and Brant traveling through America from main streets to country roads.


finding main street-photo 5

finding main street-photo 2

finding main street-photo 3

finding main street-photo 4

Finding Main Street

By Paul – July 2 – 2013


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