Farmersracer 3min doc

Farmersracer 3min doc

A small and inspiring motorcycle documentary presented by Farmersracer




Either you drive it around..
Or you contemplate around it..

Surrounded by nature and working on bikes in an industrial building. Farmersracer 3min doc is an awesome video of a small group of friends from Sweden that have the same passion: working on motorcycles, talk about their bikes and ride around on gravel roads in the forest. Film director Magnus Jakobsson did a great job on this small documentary. It’s very nice and inspirational to watch. It has a calm and cool vibe backed by some relaxing folk music composed by Peter Bonde. The video is presented by Farmersracer. A company from Sweden that makes some very nice handmade packbags and backpacks.

You can check Farmersracer’s website for more interesting stuff.


By Paul – August 14th – 2014


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