Eagle Rock Fire by Joe Purdy

Eagle Rock Fire by Joe Purdy

Country and Folk singer Joe Purdy is going to release a very nice new album.

Are you planning a road trip and do you need some nice music to take along? Than you have to visit Joe Purdy’s website and download his new album, Eagle Rock Fire. It’s very cool that he’s offering this for free before the official release date. I am listening to Joe Purdy’s songs for a while now and I really like his music. He has released some very nice albums and he did it again. He has produced a bunch of awesome songs for his new album Eagle Rock Fire. It all starts with the title track, Eagle Rock Fire. A beautiful song that really hits you. And that’s the same for I’m Sorry You’re Blue. What a great song! Joe just has a very good voice and his lyrics are strong and written from the heart. He definitely knows how to tell a story. The Eagle Rock Album is Joe Purdy’s 13th album and it has a nice blend of country and folk. The music makes me think of the road trip I once did from California to Nevada and back. A very long time ago..




You can visit Joe Purdy’s website if you like to listen to his new songs or other albums.

By Paul – May 31th – 2014 


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