The Dudes of Hazzard

The Dudes of Hazzard

Superb riding, excellent rails, a proper storyline (well…), heavy duty cliff jumps into insanely small puddles and small mopeds ready to be manhandled. Ingredients for a proper mountainbike movie…




Browsing through just the tip of the iceberg that’s the tremendous amount of mountain bike movies and clips has become part of my daily routine. It’s a cheap way to vaguely feel as if I’m riding trails whilst sitting on a chair at home. And of course a source of inspiration and motivation. Now there’s all sorts of movies, some drawing my attention more than others but the video’s by the Dudes of Hazzard have been on my favorite-list for a long time now. They are all about riding trails hard and having fun. Even though some of the Dudes are sponsored riders racing on world series enduro tracks (Joe Barnes and Liam Moyniha ride for Canyon), they’ve maintained that trail-ripping fun style of riding that I really like watching.

Good news for me (and other Dudes of Hazzard fans) is that in a few days the Dudeumentary Movie 2014 will be released (November 9th). Several shorts by the Dudes are collected and edited into a full length movie. They did this in 2013 as well. Check out these 2014 trailers!




For more Dudes of Hazzard clips check out their facebook page of tune into Joe Barnes’ Vimeo channel





Joe Barnes’ custom 2015 Canyon Spectral – photo by Trev Worsey


posted by joppe – Nov 3rd 2014

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