Drop Coffee Roasters Stockholm

Drop Coffee Roasters Stockholm

Have a nice cup of coffee from Drop Coffee Roasters.



When you’re going to visit Sweden you should try a cup of coffee from Drop Coffee Roasters. You can visit their café in Stockholm, have a nice sit and enjoy the different coffee flavours that are roasted freshly. Drop Coffee Roasters is established in 2009 by Joanna Alm and Erik Rosendahl. They both had already a lot of experience with coffee before the decided to do it their own way by starting a new roastery brand. Joanna and Erik have tried al sorts of coffee beans and roastery methods to find that significant flavour where Drop Coffee is known for.

“You don’t have to pay that much
You don’t have to have that much time
You don’t have to be well dressed
But when you get a cup I want you to experience that as a five star restaurant.”



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The beans from Drop Coffee Roasters are imported directly from the farmer with a fair price and all of their coffee is fresh, traceable and produced sustainably. They even did a great finishing touch on their sustainable and original packaging. Which makes it an authentic en very nice brand. They have even attended several contests with their baristas to make some beautiful and awesome tasting cup of coffees. I find it very inspiring when people start their own new brand with a nice product. And Drop Coffee Roasters is a great example.

You can check Drop Coffee Roaster’s website for more information about their products and café.

By Paul – March 24th – 2014


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