DEMM Motorcycles Italy

A couple of weeks ago I saw this very cool and small orange motorcycle during a nice Sunday walk

Being very curious I walked to the bike to give it a proper inspection. The retro logo on the bike said DEMM. I didn’t really knew what brand it was so I took some pictures and did a small Internet research at home. I found out that DEMM started as an Italian production company of gears and began with the production of motorcycles in 1953. DEMM started with building 125 and 175 cc motorcycles. However from the mid fifties they changed their focus more on smaller 49 cc motors.  In 1956 the company even recorded some very good speed records in the 50, 75 and 100 cc class. Eventually in the seventies the brand became more specialized in building mopeds with a small 44 cc motor. Unfortunately everything ended in 1983 when DEMM made the decision of closing their production line. So that makes the moped I found a very nice collectors item. My compliments go out to the owner of the bike. Great job on the maintenance!


demm motor-photo 5

demm motor-photo 2

demm motor-photo 4

demm motor-photo 1


(All photos are taken by myself)

By Paul – October 18 – 2013


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