Danny MacAskill: The Ridge

Danny MacAskill: The Ridge

Epic and challenging mountainbiking by Danny MacAskill.



In this video, Danny MacAskill shows what mountainbiking is all about. Being surrounded by beautiful nature and rough terrain. Finding those challenging and difficult sweet spots that nature is offering. Jumping from rocks, using trial skills, making switch backs, climbing up a mountain and speeding down a cliff full of stones. Danny MacAskill really rocks! He just knows how to ride a bike.

Danny is an experienced and professional mountainbiker, who was born and raised in the area of the Scottish Isle of Skye. Which is the background of this video. Cut Media did a fine job on The Ridge. Great footage and awesome music. By the way. I really dig Danny’s Santa Cruz mountainbike. Great design and colours!

You can check Danny MacAskill’s website for more video’s.


By Paul – October 3rd – 2014


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