Da Storm – 40 Records 01

Da Storm – 40 Records 01

The year was 1996, I was in high school, and passing blank cassettes to friends was a  way for me to obtain new music. The tape would be returned, either filled with songs from various artists or if I was lucky complete albums. My paper route did not provide me with sufficient funds so I hardly bought records back then. I remember getting a cassette tape back with Originoo Gunn Clappaz’s ‘Da Storm’ on it. It blew my mind, I’ve played that tape over and over.




Quite some years later I finally managed to get the album on vinyl (thanks Waxwell). It’s still one of my favorite hip hop records. I love the gritty Boot Camp beats (a lot of Beatminerz productions) and laid back raps. A rather dark and heavy hip hop album, definitely worth checking out.




Originoo Gunn Clappaz wikipage


40 Records 01

Posted by Joppe, May 24 2013

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  • yeah. O.G.C.’s debut was a good concept, real essential street rhymes and chill windy beats. Starang was the head honcho of the 3, but Top Dog’s yardi influence and Louieville’s high voice and straight to the point verses was dope too. Da Storm is a dope street rap album


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