Come Hell or High Water

Take a plunge in the ocean with your handplane and swimming fins and let the waves do the rest…

The freedom of bodysurfing

If you ever swam underneath a six foot, clear water wave and you opened your eyes you probably saw the beautiful underwater curve of the wave. If not, Come Hell or High Water shows you! With a proper handplane and some fins you can catch waves without a surfboard. Great fun! Come Hell or High water is a new film from the Malloy brothers and Woodshed Films. This film production company is also known for Thicker than Water, Dear and Yonder, Shelter and Sprout. Bodysurfing has become a very popular sport and Come hell or High Water gives an interesting look on the culture of the sport, the people practicing the sport and how it’s done. The movie is beautifully filmed, primarly in 16mm and is accompanied by some very nice tunes. As Mark Cunningham explains the film’s about ‘just being out in the ocean and enjoying it’. Have a great swim!

If you like to see more Woodshed Films than you definitely have to pay a visit to their website.

By Paul

(Photo by Chris Burkard)


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