Cold surf photography by Jack Hillman

Cold surf photography by Jack Hillman

Take a look at the awesome photos of cold water surfing by Jack Hillman.

surf-photography-by-jack-hillman-photo 1

Ever surfed in icy conditions? Jack Hillman sure knows how it feels to swim in cold water. And he does that while making surfing photos. Jack is a professional photographer from Halifax Nova Scotia and he is quite used to cold conditions. When taking a look at his great and interesting portfolio you see a mix of beautiful landscape photography, nice portraits, stills of skating and some awesome surf photos. There are many places in the world where you can go for a surf. And of course there’s some nice and warm surf in the tropics but when the surf gets cold, everything becomes a lot different. There can be an icy wind, maybe some snow on the beach, it can be very cold to change you clothes into your 5 plus millimetre  wetsuit and you need a thick neoprene cap, shoes and gloves. However, the surf can be very rewarding. Most times there are some nice clean winter waves all for yourself and your buddies. Because there are not many people that like to go for a freezing surf session. This feeling of being out there in the cold waiting for surf is nicely photographed by Jack Hillman. By being a surfer, Jack really knows how to make some beautiful pictures at the right moment. His portfolio is definitely worth a watch.

surf-photography-by-jack-hillman-photo 2

surf-photography-by-jack-hillman-photo 4

surf-photography-by-jack-hillman-photo 3

surf-photography-by-jack-hillman-photo 5

You can check the next link if you like to see more of Jack Hillman’s work.

Jack Hillman

(video via: Maru)

By Paul – January 8th – 2014


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