Changes by Charles Bradley

Sharing the experiences of life with an amazing voice. Charles Bradley has just released his new album: ‘Changes’. As a big fan of his music, I just had to write something about this great soul artist.

I first found out about Charles Bradley’s music while watching an episode of Suits. One of his songs was playing in a very cool scene. A perfect match, if you ask me.  And it sounded great! ‘Must be one of those great soul songs from the past’. One of my first thoughts while listening to the song. Little did I know that this particular song was quite new in comparison of the songs from the early years. Luckily I was in time to switch on my Shazam app to find out it was Charles Bradley. 


A short while later I learned a lot more about this great musician. The moment I got hooked by his music, was while watching ‘Charles Bradley: Soul of America’, which is an awesome documentary about the life of Charles Bradley and how he got discovered. Did you know, Charles Bradley released his first real music album at the age of 62?! Speaking of true persistence and living the dream..

After ‘No Time for Dreaming’ and ‘Victim for Love’, Charles has just released his brand new album ‘Changes’. Supported by Daptone Records and Dunham Records he has created eleven epic new songs. And he did it again! Making music that comes straight from the heart. Still can’t believe I missed his concert in Holland last week…

You can visit Charles Bradley’s website for more information.

By Paul

(Featured photo by Shayan Asgharnia)


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