Buy a Fin Save a Shark

Buy a Fin Save a Shark

Give sharks a helping hand by buying a longboard fin.

Sure.. Sharks are looking scary and you really don’t want them to take a chunk out of your surfboard. But do we have to kill all of them?! If you are planning to visit the Thalia Surf Shop than you should definitely take a look at their new art exhibition called: “Fin”. A group of 40 artists like: Stevie Gee, Alex Knost, Ty Williams, Mia Taninaka, Sam Stewart and Howie Cooke was given the opportunity to make a piece of art out of a blank 10 inch longboard fin. Every $100 of each fin sale will be donated to the Sea Shepherd Society’s Operation Requiem. Sea Shepherd is well known for their protection and defending dolphins, whales and other beautiful sea animals. Now with their new Operation Requiem campaign they are going to give some extra attention to the sharks. The exhibition starts from tomorrow the 5th of September.

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Thalia Surf Shop

Sea Shepherd Operation Requiem 

By Paul – September 4 – 2013


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