Brixton in spring

Brixton in spring

Need new spring gear? Here’s Brixtons new spring collection.



Cool video with a superb tune!

I think their new clothing line rocks. It perfectly fits the skate, surf and café racer scene. Their new line has shirts, wovens, jackets, chinos, surfing trunks and off the chain hats. The collection is both for men and women. Brixton is founded in 2004 by three good friends in southern California. Their ambition is to make clothing in different styles with a long lasting quality. Visit their website for the Brixton lookbook.


brixton-spring 2013-photo 2

brixton-spring 2013-photo 4

brixton-spring 2013-photo 3

brixton-spring 2013-photo 5

brixton-spring 2013-photo 6



By Paul – May 17 2013


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