AWOL and The Transcontinental

AWOL and The Transcontinental

Two bicycle addicts riding the great Transcontinental race

Specialized AWOL team members Recep Yeşil and Erik Nohlin have embarked on an adventurous journey across Europe. Together with other bicycle teams Recep and Erik have attended The Transcontinental race. A great challenge where bicycle racers have to cycle a total distance of 3.500 kilometers from London to Istanbul. During this race the contesters were not allowed to have any support. They had to take everything with them or buy it along the way. The race was just one stage and everyone was allowed to pick their personal moment of rest. The stopwatch started only once and it never stopped along the way. Just like in the legendary bicycle races of the past. Both Recep and Erik have worked on the development of the new Specialized AWOL bicycle. A new and strong all round bicycle that can be used for recreational and adventurous trips. Perfect for on and off road use. The whole journey of Recep Yeşil and Erik Nohlin has been documented by Ertzui. Their adventure will be shown late 2013. It must have been a difficult but thankful challenge.


awol and the transcontinental-photo 3

awol and the transcontinental-photo 2

awol and the transcontinental-photo 4




By Paul – August 28 – 2013


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