Ever heard of the word ‘Ataraxia’? According to Wikipedia, it’s an ancient Greek term that explains the feeling of freedom from stress and worry. Like a sort of natural euphorism or being in a state of positive ‘flow’.

The short film Ataraxia is a great story about Rudi, who is a true outdoors man that loves to go on free runs. Sometimes, when Rudi goes on a long alpine run he gets in an incredible state of freedom. The film gives a very interesting explanation of this awesome feeling.

To me, this film is very inspiring because I really like to go outside and being surrounded by nature as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short walk in the park, going for a hike in the woods or riding on my favourite mountainbike trails. Just being ‘unplugged’ for a while and recharge my energy.

Ataraxia is directed by Oliver and Nicolas Jutzi and produced by Vandyfilms. You can visit for more information.

By Paul

Source: Wikipedia

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