Like to shoot film on an analog photo camera? And do you like to get inspired by others that have the same passion? Then you definitely have to watch the “Analog” series by filmmaker and photographer Matt Mangham. In the Analog series, professional photographers Anastasia Petukhova, Julian Martin and Brooks Sterling tell their personal story on why the like to shoot with film. All three with their own photography style but with the same passion. Analog photography.

It’s a dying medium and yet in a lot of ways a thriving one
~ Matt Mangham



Shooting film
To be honest, it’s great to shoot photos on a digital slr camera. After taking a photo
you’re able to see the result in an instant. And when you’re not happy with it, you just have to adjust your camera a bit and try again.  However as an amateur photographer I also like to shoot film. Going to the local camera shop to buy a bunch of roles and prepare for a nice day of photography. Exploring a city, making portraits at a party or taking photos while travelling to a nice country. And while taking a picture you really have to think again. There’s no lcd screen that shows your picture. Shooting film is an awesome way to learn more about the different photography techniques. And the waiting afterwards can be very rewarding..

You really should visit his website, if you like to see more of Matt Mangham’s work.


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