After the Disco by Broken Bells

After the Disco by Broken Bells

Broken Bells will release their new and second album next January 2014



Brian Burton a.k.a. Danger Mouse and James Mercer have worked together on their new album, After the Disco. Their very musical colaboration started back in 2004 when the first met each other at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. They discovered their talents and started a new band Broken Bells.  Brian Burton has worked together with a numerous artists like Jay Z, Cee Lo Green and Jack White. And singer James Mercer has made some very nice music with his band The Shins. Broken Bells released their first album already three years ago and now they have created a new one, After the Disco. You can already listen to the first single from the album, Holding on for Life. Sounce nice if you ask me!

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Broken Bells 


By Paul – November 6 – 2013


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