A piece of East Surf Co. Wax

A piece of East Surf Co. Wax

Never go for a surf without bringing some wax


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If you are a surfer you know that it’s important to give your surfboard a good wax job before riding your favourite surf spot. Especially when you’ve just got rid of that old layer of wax that has been there for ages. For me personal. I always  like to try different brands. And there are many choices nowadays. Take for instance East Surf Co. I have just discovered this brand and I was very inspired by their story. East Surf Co has developed an alternative to conventional wax. They are using an organic mixture of beeswax as a base material combined with resin for some extra grip. This creates a sticky layer on your board that will last a long time. East Surf Co. has also designed The Cresent Grip that provides a leverage point which makes it easy to hold the wax in your hand while waxing. All of the wax is hand melted and poured in the EAST studio. It’s always cool to see new innovations like this.


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East Surf Co.

By Paul – July 25 – 2013

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