A Daily Poetry (interview)

A Daily Poetry (interview)

Have you ever visited a store that you just couldn’t leave? Because of its nice products and interesting details. Or because of the nice vibe and inspirational stories of the people that work in the store. A place where you just feel at home.

Back in 2013, Sander and Britt, two young entrepreneurs from Holland, decided to start with a new journey. The opening of their Daily Poetry pop up store in Eindhoven. They were dreaming of creating a special store concept and run their own place in town. That awesome spot where people get inspired and love to visit. After finding a nice space they started their adventure.

And they didn’t stop with creating new things. They’ve even opened a second Daily Poetry store in
Den Bosch.

We’d like to thank Sander for sharing their inspiring story with us.

Daily Poetry means seeing and finding poetry in your everyday life

Can you tell something more about yourself?

My name is Sander and I’m the co-founder of Daily Poetry together with my girlfriend Britt. Daily Poetry is a creative venture, which we’ve started in June 2013. Britt and I met each other during our ‘Leisure Management’ study in Breda and after being together for about four years, we decided to create something beautiful. And when we were given the chance to open a shop in Strijp-S, Eindhoven, we started right away with Daily Poetry. One year later we’ve opened our new store in Den Bosch.




What’s Daily Poetry?
A creative living room. That’s how we like to describe Daily Poetry. To us,  it just feels like a second home sometimes. A place where we show the things that we like to collect. Great stuff that many people like to have in their own homes. Like clothing, furniture, home accessories, personal care products, plants, illustrations, books, you name it.

There are so many beautiful moments where we’re not even aware of




When did you start with Daily Poetry? How did you came up with the idea?
Back in June 2013, when we opened the doors of our pop-shop at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. We’ve had some great ideas for a store concept and we always wanted to run our own place in town where people can be inspired or buy nice products. So we bundled our ideas and launched our shop.

Why the name Daily Poetry?
Daily Poetry means seeing and finding poetry in your everyday life. There are so many beautiful moments where we’re not even aware of. And behind every product there actually hides a special moment. For example, a table is not just a table. It’s those great moments of having nice meals and good conversations. It’s great to look in a different way at products. Just cherish! Isn’t that what life is all about?





Why should people come and visit Daily Poetry?
We think there’s a nice and calm vibe in our store. Besides that we’re selling some very nice products from well known brands and upcoming designers and artists. We also have some cool and unique furniture and accessories for your home. There’s always some gift for a very special person!

A table is not just a table. It’s those great moments of having nice meals and good conversations





What type of products do you sell?
We really sell lot’s of different and nice stuff! We’ve almost everything for in and around the house. Furniture, home accessories, books, clothing and raincoats, postcards and more. We even sell a bunch of refurbished vintage bicycles!





How do you get inspired?
Britt is kind of a magazine addict. So that’s where we get a lot of inspiration from! We also have a Pinterest page where we save a lot of inspirational images! And even a beautiful movie can be very inspiring to us.





How do you stay different from other shops?
You might not even want to be unique. That’s almost impossible! We just like to give things our own twist, create new compositions and work by our own feeling and experience. For example, we’ve recently created our own postcards with hand lettering artist Judith den Hartog and illustrator Lot Bouwes. Where we actually made the poems ourselves!  And when completing a new idea we already have another one. This way we just like to put our creative mind into work and be different from other stores.





Why did you choose for a shopping location in Den Bosch and Eindhoven?
We both grew up near Eindhoven, so opening a shop over there was a logical step for us. We definitely find the Strijp -S area a very nice and inspiring place.  There’s lot’s of creativity going on there!

We’ve opened a second store in Den Bosch. Which is quite close to Eindhoven by the way. We were looking for a nice house and town to live in and we just really love Den Bosch. It has an old city centre, nice small streets and a very ‘cozy vibe’. And after seeing the store space for the first time, we instantly fell in love! The ‘Daily Poetry’ concept just fits perfectly.





What would you recommend when visiting Den Bosch or Eindhoven?
If you’re planning to visit Eindhoven then you have to visit ‘Strijp- S‘. An awesome place and true breeding ground for design and creativity. Strijp-S has lot’s of interesting shops and nice restaurants. Our famous Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek even has a great showroom overthere. And of course, ‘De Kleine Berg’ is a great spot to visit!

Den Bosch is also a very nice town to visit. With its small streets like ‘de Snellestraat’ and ‘de Vughterstraat’. Both are great for finding those nice and interesting shops, like ‘Koekwous‘ and ‘Mieters Vintage‘. Both great shops you definitely have to visit when you’re in Den Bosch. And not to mention, dining out is awesome in Den Bosch!

What’s more in life besides Daily Poetry?
The most important for us are other people, dear family and friends! Besides that we really like to to take our dog for a walk, going out for dinner, and watch movies. Furthermore Britt loves to read and write and I like cycling very much. I’ve even started a small vegetable garden on the roof of our house. Very simple things actually!

Just cherish! Isn’t that what life is all about?




What would be your ultimate adventure?
For us, Daily Poetry has been quite an adventure! If you see where we started and where we are now at this point, then we’re very happy! We’ve learned a lot about entrepreneurial skills, our customers and the products we sell. Things you can’t learn during study.

What can people expect from Daily Poetry in the near future?
At this moment, we first want to do more with our store in Den Bosch. There are so many things we would like to improve. And keep on improving. Take for instance our collection for women. Something we are going to expand with some very nice brands that deliver beautiful clothing with great quality. So, there’s a lot of nice things on our mind for Daily Poetry!




You can visit the Daily Poetry website for more inspiration.

We would like to thank Loes van Duijvendijk for the photography.


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