A Bonzer in Taiwan with Chris del Moro

A Bonzer in Taiwan with Chris del Moro

Watch how Chris del Moro surfs on some awesome left handers in Taiwan with a green Bing Bonzer.

Chris del Moro has travelled to Taiwan to find a very sweet surf spot with some nice and clean overhead left handers. He shows some stylish surfing on a Bing Bonzer which is an ideal surfboard for the surfing conditions of these nice lefts in Taiwan. As a free surfer Chris is experienced in surfing on different kinds of surfboards. So he really knows how to surf this green Bonzer. Fast trimming, long turns and snappy backhand cutbacks. A Bonzer in Taiwan is a Se7en Signs Sessions short from Innersection Films. It’s very inspirational to watch Chris del Moro surfing. Nice video!

You can check the next link if you like to see some more videos from Innersection.


By Paul – January 20th – 2014


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